Why invest in SEO

You’ve heard about SEO. You’re convinced SEO works well. What you are probably wondering is why you should invest in SEO…

Search Engine Optimization is a process used by millions of brands worldwide. Big or small, organisations know that to compete in todays digital market, they need to invest in SEO.

It’s more important than ever!

Billions of searches are performed online every single day. Ranking keywords relevant in your industry can practically guarantee a steady stream of traffic to your landing pages.

If you are willing to take your organisation and website to new heights, then you should invest in SEO.

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SEO Works

Plain and simple. The techniques used to gain the attention of users and google work. If we focus on the user, your core audience and employ methodical SEO strategies your organic traffic will improve and your keyword ranking will increase. I can present you numerous case studies to prove this.

SEO is not going away

One motivation that should have you investing in SEO is that search engines will gain more and more market share all the time. As it stands, a high percentage of online users go to search engines when looking to find something. That number will get higher as more people get adequate access to the internet.

It means that having an online presence will be more crucial than ever. These applications are evolving to meet the shifting needs of users with features like voice and video search becoming a reality, which is making them almost indispensable to consumers. If these searchers cannot find your site in result pages, then you lose out.

SEO is a Good Deal

Of course, businesses have to consider how much ad spend they can afford when planning their digital marketing. SEO is one tactic that saves companies money on advertising. It is long term and if done right Compared to techniques like PPC, email marketing, social media marketing, and other lead purchasing options, search optimization is very affordable.SEO has among the best return on investment. If you want long term, sustainable results you need to invest in SEO.


There are approximately 3.5 billion google searches per day. When doing business, it’s all about one-upping the competition. Be sure that one or more of your competitors has discovered what SEO can do and are pouring money in it. When you are still contemplating if to do it, other website owners are ranking better on result pages, meaning they are getting more visibility than you.

If your competitors are investing in SEO, why shouldn’t you?

Note that SEO takes time to manifest results, so the longer it takes to get started, the further you lag and the longer it is going to take to break into the market. Competitors will have better chances of claiming the opportunities that come up, meaning higher chances for generating leads and conversions.

Your ideal customers are searching and they can either find you or your competition. Rankings are changing all the time. But, in order to win the race, you have to actually enter.

Mobile Search

The amount of data delivered to mobile devices has exceeded the data delivered to desktops, with this in mind the mobile and local search is a huge new world. From smartphones to tablets, users across the world are on desktop less and less when they need to find something online. SEO will matter because these mobile platforms are opening up opportunities for different types of marketing. Local search has particularly dominated mobile device use, and business owners can capitalize on that by optimizing websites to cater to this audience. That being said, If your site is not optimized for mobile search, you will not be found.

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